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thelostartof 06-17-2016 12:52 AM

1995 945T (T5 Swapped) aka the Daily Driver
Just a random place for me to dump pictures and keep track of the latest addition to my herd of cars. This one I picked up from a TB'er that was from another TB'er so it already has a little history. I will throw up some pics and status as I get around to it.

Here is the FS post where I picked up the car form
And here is the Previous owners FS thread
Hopefully she found her final home here.



This story started with a road trip to Cali from AZ to pick up the car. On the very start of the trip back after buying the car we ran into the first of semi known issues with the car which was shifting issues. Turned out to be a mix of loose bolts on shifter and shifter adapter along with crappy ford shifter and failed stock bushing.


This is how we drove the car home some 500 miles. Took two people but it worked.


So after an Ebay shifter and new bushing it was semi drivable for now

Next I did a few little Chassis upgrades, I added the OEM 960 control arm braces, an IPD under chassis brace I have had laying around for a few years along with a splash pan that has been on the shelf for some 10 years now.


Since then I have ditched the ebay shifter for a Hurst shifter, I am fairly happy with it and I am planning on installing a hurst corrugated boot for a more old school look.


I have yet to install these but I have so far replaced all of the bushings with new ones along with IPD poly for the control arm stay bushings. Just another of many parts to get replaced.


Next I pulled off the stock exhaust and installed the TME exhaust that came with the car, was almost bolt on, needed the clamps so I was able to make some stuff work and needed a center hanger. I was pretty happy with this setup as it means I do not have to build a full 3" for it as this is the DD for the wife/family and will get at least a 3" downpipe and cat to bolt up to this setup sometime in the future.


Now onto the fun stuff, fixing parts that need to be replaced along with doing some upgrades. So I noticed that the stock (260k) 90+ was looking a bit rough so a good time to replace it.


So I had this manifold come back into my possession, this was the 90+ I ran years ago with my HY35CW on my 744, I gave it away years ago and the person never ended up using it so back it came. This manifold was ported for a T3 and had M10 studs installed.


I got a good deal on a few used 15g from a friend so This is now setup and ready to go on, it still needs WG bracket but I will get that done once I clock it on the car.


Here is a small collection of new parts I am gathering to install.


thelostartof 06-17-2016 01:01 AM

And onto today, starting to tear down the engine to install new parts along with swap heads. The car came with a Ported RSI head with larger exhaust valves along with an older stg2 cam. This head on paper should have the problematic valves that RSI sold so off it comes and on goes a stock 530 with a Enem V15 I had laying around as since this is a DD/Family car it has no need for the worked and expensive head.

Here is a collection of Most of the new parts going in this weekend, Parts include new Rad, new silicone cooling hoses (one set I saved from our last GB). New Timing belt along with converting the car back to round tooth (it has an RSI gear on it so it was square tooth), along with all kinds of other basic tune up and other parts. Missing from the picture is the new 02, and new IC hoses that I have laying around to go on. I will prob swap the Heater valve to the 4 post GM one just because right now I have really easy access to everything.


The rest will just be random status updates from my day, about an hour into the tear down just taking my time.


This is good, confirms at least part of the head was ported.


Man I feel so much better now that this manifold is no longer on the car.


Hey look an RSI Cam, and fairly clean head.

And Off with her head,


And this is pretty much where I ended up today, I still have a lot of little clean up to do before I start getting the new head bolted up and everything else back together, at least the weather will be great outside this weekend as we should only hit around 119deg. Thank you Arizona.


Chuck W 06-17-2016 07:16 AM

Hey! I spy the shifter relocator that I made. :nod:

thelostartof 06-17-2016 07:55 AM

Oh snap, you made this? Details? Why the hell are the top bolts not inline with the rest and require you to drill out the holes? What shifter pattern is this made for?

Chuck W 06-17-2016 08:49 AM


Originally Posted by thelostartof (Post 5417712)
Oh snap, you made this? Details? Why the hell are the top bolts not inline with the rest and require you to drill out the holes? What shifter pattern is this made for?

Well, it's been a minute since I put these together. I originally did them for a T5 swap in my Merkur Scorpio. I think the PO of your car decided the set-back was enough for the 700-series.

Anyway, which holes are you referring to?

I know, for whatever reason, the front mounting holes on the shifter are not even with each other. You can kind of see it here.

I *think* what I had to do what move that front left side sifter plate mount on the adapter back, just a touch, so I the weld nut on the inside would clear the boss on the shifter box. Maybe I had to do that on both front shifter mount holes.


The shifter I had when I was messing with this was an old Kirban unit (I think).

You can see the offset in the front holes, and I hadn't installed the bolts in this pic. Probably because I hadn't opened them up yet.

I think that is the reason behind what I think you're referring to.

thelostartof 06-17-2016 11:15 AM

Makes sense, do you have more of these adapters for sale? Personally I think it needs to be moved back another 1-1.5" for a 7/9. I made a 1" adjustment to move the shifter handle back from where it mounts to the shifter base. Just a flat plate with 4 holes.

What if you made the front two holes In the correct location and then just put studs in the front holes or have someone use short bolts so it lines up. I felt bad opening up the holes in my hurst shifter.

Otherwise the shifter relocation is really nicely made and works great as long as the bolts are tight.

Chuck W 06-17-2016 11:52 AM

I know I have another set-up, just like what you have there, complete and I think I still have flat/formed parts for a couple others, but no extended offset levers. Like I mentioned, this wasn't originally for a 7/9, but looking at your install, yeah more set-back, or a shifter handle with more offset (I have one with a couple inches set-back on the Pro 5.0 in my TBird) would be more ideal.

I made this primarily for myself, and I didn't really have an issue with elongating the mounting holes on my shifter, but if I'd of done it more for the masses, I would've probably done things a bit different at the front. What I would do with the parts I have would be to cut off the front part of that spacer and replace it with another boss of the same thickness, welded to the assembly. Then I would tap holes in it and add clearance holes in the top of the relocation box. There is enough clearance in the trans shifter box for some bolts to maybe poke through. Your stud idea would work too. Then one wouldn't have to modify their shifter.

Thanks, it was just kind of one of those "I need this" things, so I made it.

rallydallas 06-17-2016 04:29 PM

Aluminum control arms, nice :)

thelostartof 06-17-2016 11:27 PM

Well only had a little free time this afternoon so I only got a few little things done,

Setup a new heater control valve since everything was easy to get to I figured I might as well

Otherwise also got two new IC hoses on the IC and got the bracket for the 90+ installed along with removed the EGR valve from the block.

Lord_Athlon 06-18-2016 09:01 PM

I need one of those heater valves and hose assemblies.

Lord Tentacle 06-18-2016 09:44 PM


Originally Posted by thelostartof (Post 5418146)
Well only had a little free time this afternoon so I only got a few little things done,

Setup a new heater control valve since everything was easy to get to I figured I might as well

Otherwise also got two new IC hoses on the IC and got the bracket for the 90+ installed along with removed the EGR valve from the block.

Whats the part number for that heater valve? (how do i get one?)

thelostartof 06-18-2016 10:24 PM


Stock hoses cut and swapped around a little and it fits pretty good. Might need a little more trimming to be ideal but it is installed and I am not touching it.

thelostartof 06-19-2016 10:51 PM

Forgot to update last night so two updates.

Got the V15 installed and shimed


Got the new belt installed and I was able to keep the belt semi clean on install.


Exhaust side coming together


Turns out the new wire set I had laying around was something I ordered for my car when it had the blasterSS coil so instead of rocking the stock coil I figured might as well tweak the bracket for the blasterSS and just install it.


Coming together a bit more, still need to get some new clips to loom the wires cleaner, also still needed the DP at this point. Also got the new Rad installed along with silicone coolant lines.


And Done, 2nd 02 bung added so I can add a WB to make sure things are working right along with doing a little testing.

So overall Changes made were I removed the Stock 13c and 90+ (cracked to heck) along with pulled off the RSI ported 531 and RSI cam. In place of these parts I added a bone stock n/a 530 with en Enem V15 Turbo cam along with my ported 90+ along with a 15G.

So far it runs good, power feels about the same and boost is only set @ 9-10psi but at this low of power it just never feels right, I am sure it doesn't help that it is damn near 120deg today here but oh well.

corivus 06-21-2016 07:50 AM

This looks like it'll make a great family car. Glad you didn't get cooked this weekend.

DanMarino 06-21-2016 08:46 AM

I want one of these wagons. Looking forward to your future posts.

thelostartof 07-03-2016 07:52 PM

Out with the old


In with the old but different


Idiot me forgot to grab the foglight switch so I haven't wired those up just yet, either way we will see tonight how poorly aimed they are. I still need to get a can of paint the correct color to paint the trim but for now it works.

And Little feedback on driving after rebuilding the topend. With the V15T Cam and 15G turbo the car pulls much much smoother and harder over 3000rpm vs the 531+RSI Cam with the stock 13c. I know the turbo makes a huge difference even at the same PSI but overall it just runs much better. Idle is nice and runs good on the highway.

thelostartof 08-06-2016 06:56 PM

Finally got some new new tires for the wagon,

BFG Comp-2 A/S 235/45-17. So far from a looks standpoint I am really happy with them. Pulled these wheels off my 944 along with the 25/32 spacers. We will see how they drive in a few.

Sad looking wagon, new rear suspension is 1 coil cut off the rear IPD overloads. I might cut my last set of diesel springs here and put them up front when I do the front bushings.


Ooooohhhh new


Lots of rim protection from the wife


Super square look


Much happier looking, day is really nice out but still to hot here.

thelostartof 08-06-2016 06:57 PM

I just realized I need to resize these with a different ratio as this one sucks. haha

gsellstr 08-06-2016 09:11 PM

Finally seeing it on a real screen. Looks nice Mike! I do like the profile of those BFG's, pretty similar to the S04's. I'm curious how they hold up mileage wise and how they perform once you get some miles on them.

The rim protection is on par with the S04's as well. :)

SquareD 08-06-2016 10:03 PM

Great work Mike, coming together nicely.

corivus 08-07-2016 03:28 AM

Looks awesome Mike. Really look forward to seeing it in person.

oldschoolvolvo 08-08-2016 01:02 PM

Nice work! What is your method for adapting the WG actuator for a RWD 15G?

thelostartof 09-14-2016 03:18 PM

A few little updates, I have a bunch of replacement transmission parts to swap out (junkyard t5 out of a v6 in good shape, yoshifab flywheel and clutch). That once I find some time I will swap out.

Otherwise my recent add on was a Wideband as I have been spoiled by having them in my 744 and truck so now I want one here. I installed some old 42lb disc injectors as the stockers are 260k mile and why not.



As expected idle and cruise afrs are perfect, on the big end mostly close but still to rich @ high 10s and low 11s @12-13psi. I need to get a 3" downpipe and cat on here and see if that helps it burn a little more fuel.

Oh and when I shift / lift off the throttle afrs go into the 10s with the stock cbv. I will be throwing a bov on one of these days to confirm once again BOVs work on stockish LH cars.

Also I picked up a 16t that I might rebuild or not to replace my 15g as this turbo is pushing a ton of oil out of the compressor.

corivus 09-15-2016 11:41 PM

Wifemobile is looking amazing, love the wideband. I wanted to get mine in a similar posting but have been to lazy to move it and the boost gauge...

thelostartof 09-23-2016 04:44 PM

Just finished up with the YoshiFab Flywheel and Clutch Swap

Old Heavy Stockness


40lb's, ouch


New Setup, 30lb's this looks promising

Clutch side one and side two



All bolted up

I ended up needing to use the McLeod 16515 Adjustable Throwout Bearing to get the right pressure on the PP and all seems well so far on the test drive around the block.

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