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Originally Posted by thelostartof View Post
So lets just say that someone put new bearings into a red block along with some new Rods. How many miles after doing this refresh of the shortblock would you go before doing the first oil and filter change?

So far I have about 6-10 miles on the setup and I am tempted to just do it (oil and filter are cheap) just to help get any extra build up that I didn't clean out of the engine out of the oil.

What does TB think about this? How many miles or how many heat cycles would you recommend before doing the first oil change?

Right now I am just running cheapo 15-40 oil and I will be switching back to the 10W60 stuff I used to run.
If the engine was not clean on the refresh, do it now! I did that at 18 on a 305 Chevy and at 15k bearing were toast. All kinds of metal in the bearings. Did you see the old bearings. Change the oil and catch some and have it analyzed.
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