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Originally Posted by JohnMc View Post
He was suggesting that you remove the WG line entirely, and then ***CAREFULLY*** taking it for a drive and see if it can even make more boost. Be careful, because it will be uncontrolled boost, and if you keep your foot on it there's a chance it could spike really high and blow up the motor comprehensively and quickly. So just carefully add some skinny pedal, see if you can carefully get the boost higher, and if it goes much higher take your foot promptly back off the pedal.

This rules out that there's something iffy with your setup and it just can't make more boost even if it tries. Either exhaust back pressure, turbo problems, hotside leaks, air leaks in the intercooler piping, etc.
Thanks for clarifying. Since the solenoid controls the boost boost adjustment I'll disconnect that thereby bypassing the controller without uninstalling it.

Maybe I'll first start by doing a leak test on my piping and rule that out.

I really appreciate the advice.
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