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Exhaust looks good. Love the curvy tail pipe.
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Should have bought my yellow.
Originally Posted by RvolvoR View Post
simple...just throw the redblock in the trash and install, well, almost anything modern

Originally Posted by Harlard View Post
Yet Asher here went with...
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unbalanced chemical
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Well I picked up a spare unit to test the unit on my 744 and after everything checked out I decied to put this to use vs letting it rot in the spare parts pile. While running 19psi via the MBC was nice, I don't know why but I just like the idea of being able to adjust it as I see fit. Either way it almost feels like it spools a bit quicker on the high end. I do not know why I love these vintage EBC's so much but it just makes things so simple.

Another reason I did this was to plan for the future, I finally got my ATP WG mounted ( I will get pics of the grinding I had to do to make it work) to the GT2871R, now I just need to fit the Water lines and then find a weekend to swap out the turbo and build a new downpipe. Should be a good gain over the 19T with the conical turbine housing.

Chip Feedback Thread / PM LH 2.4 Chip Prices
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