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Default Biggest injector with 016?

90 740 lh2.4, 16t, chipped ezk, wasted spark conversion, will have a chipped ecu, NPR, currently running blue T5 injectors with 3 bar fpr at 14psi

Goal is 20-24psi and good AFRs (whatever power is made is fine with me)

I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna be okay with the T5s injectors as they aren't much more than stock. What's the high end for injectors keeping the stock AMM? I have a stock do88 intake hose I don't want to lose...

Green giants seem okay, 42lb? I know a lot of people run them but with the 012 AMM.

4bar regulator? It'll push the blue injectors slightly past their 391cc? At 3.8bar. Edit: Google calculators say a hair less than 38lbs with 4bar fpr

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Not apples to apples, but on my b234+t I found the 012 amm had the air fuel ratios a bit lean under boost, so I went back to the 016 amm. This is running about 14psi on a 16t. If you go that high with the boost maybe you'll max out the 016.
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You know that d088 makes silicone hoses for the larger amm right?

Either way you can plan for 24psi but if you do not have enough injector you need more injector. The 16t flows like crap at that boost anyways, just superheats the air.

Either way most have gotten away with around 40-42lb/hr injectors max on the stock AMM. Much more than that and the stock AMM doesn't really play nice with the ECU at idle.
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Yeah, it's just one reason, other than them not being readily available at JY and not wanting to construct my own 3in one. My luck with AMM has been 3 broken wires in the last year...

And a 19t will eventually be going in place of the 16t, so for now 20 sounds okay. Just gotta try and keep the spike down...

Sounds like green giants it is. My brother has a set he's not using currently but I'll inquire about yours for sale, 940 16valve. Thanks for the info
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