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142 guy
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Default B30 engine mounts on a 140??

When I rebuilt my 142, I installed new engine and transmission mounts. From the get go the engine mounts struck me as being quite flexible allowing quite a bit of engine movement when the engine catches on start-up. The transmission mount also sheared after 1 or 2 years. Both the engine and transmission mounts were purchased from IPD around 2010. I remember that the stiffer B30 engine mounts had been touted as an upgrade; but, the 2005 IPD paper catalogue indicated that the heavy duty B30 mounts do not fit on the 140 (but fit the amazon and 1800). In retrospect that struck me as strange given that the 140 and 160 are pretty close to the same car. I also notice that currently VP Auto cross lists the B30 style hex mount to the 140.

Given the apparently conflicting evidence, has anybody actually tried the B30 hex mount on a 140 and can confirm that they fit or don't fit?

Thanks in advance.
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They fit but you have to run them upside down. On a 164, the motor mount brackets are threaded hence the large hex plate to tighten the mount to the bracket. 140 mounts are unthreaded and need a longer stud so that a nut can be used on the top side. The 164 mount has the longer stud on the opposite side of the hex plate so if you flip it upside down with the hex plate to the cross member there will be enough thread to use a nut.

Strike that, both studs are the same length and there isn't enough thread to get a nylock nut on the stud. You could install a thread insert into the aluminum mount bracket.

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Aren't they also a bit thicker?
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Redwood Chair
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Originally Posted by hiperfauto View Post
Folks on here don't know a good deal when they see it.
how psi stock cna support?

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Enough already!
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Don't know if this helps, but this is what I've had on my '70 145 since 2008. It is a stock B20 that isn't driven hard.

IIRC, it's regular 164 mount - I don't remember looking for "heavy duty" mounts.
I also don't remember having to have to do any modifications to make them work, but cannot be 100% sure of that since it was so long ago.

I used a 164 engine mount for the M41 transmission mount also.
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I also run the 164 mounts with the hex-shaped base.
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142 guy
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Thanks all!

Perhaps I will order a pair and plan for an install next time I am doing maintenance.
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30 years ago, running 160 motor mounts in a 140 with a built B20 was standard practice, as was running 164E vented front brakes on the same car. Many people also ran IPD stabilizer bars to help prevent engine rocking.

(I guess I am an old guy now. :-)
John Werner
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