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The 3" intercooler plumbing isn't going to hurt anything, it will only help. You won't feel a difference in the time it takes to pressurize that volume, and it's not going to hurt velocity.
Have you actually tried this? I have and the first thing I will tell you is my gt3071r spools faster then several gt2871r builds on the exact same engine. I am actually using the odd ball gt3071r wg version with .86 housing and 90 trim turbine and I am still doing better then others with the same tune and I am using 2.5" exhaust to their 3" exhaust.

Any amount of air forced through a smaller pipe compared to a bigger pipe will have a greater velocity as long as the pipe is not to small to cause a restriction. The tircks with intercooler piping is to use the shortest amount possible and the smallest size possible without causing a restriction.

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