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Originally Posted by atrokz View Post
Uh, if you blew out your dipstick tube it's not the catch can that's your issue......

Also, running oil into the intake system isn't doing wonders for longevity either. In fact, it's probably worse.

Yes, run a catch can. The sperators on the car are pretty lame at best. With a decent catch can like a pro vent you'll notice a cleaner intake system. Remember oil lining the guts of the IC are lowering it's abilities substantially, and lowering your octane rating. There is nothing good, and many things bad with running oil into the intake system and compression chambers.

I run VTA with a CC, and at elevated boost on a motor with 160psi compression average, I'm not blowing out the dipstick. Running it from a CC into the intake will be even less pressure in the crank case.

Long story short, get a catch can. Don't rely on 70s technology to separate your oil vapors.
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