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Default Dyno sheets. What next?

Made a trip to the dyno today. The red graph is from about a year ago, car was at 300K with just 2.5" exhaust. Blue graph is from today with same exhaust, gutted airbox/k&n with extra cold air pipe routed to front bumper, 15g @ 12psi, IPD cam @ +2.5, TLAO chips.
It was nice to verify a decent gain by other means than butt dyno. Made a few pulls, in 2nd and 3rd, 2nd gear was used for the graph shown.
I noticed on the dyno I seemed to get a backfire right as boost peaks, but AFRs were perfect the entire time, so it leads me to think timing may be too advanced? I have no way to mess with the tune right now, just looking for input.
I'm looking to get a 250+hp setup from this car. I don't really like the way the power is falling after 5k, so I may run the cam straight up soon and see if it helps. I'm sure the stock downpipe is choking flow as well, so I plan to get a new 2.5" dp made to match diameter of the rest of the exhaust.
So current plans include 2.5" dp, bigger intercooler, and I have a 4bar fpr ready to go in and plan to run 15psi. Think this should reach my goals?
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