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Originally Posted by zandrew View Post
Why 3" intercooler piping? Its over kill to say the least. The thing is the turbo has to fill the volume of the intercooler and the piping and larger diameter piping with a small compressor hurts the air velocity. Use 2.5" piping to keep the velocity up. I have seen cars with over 500awhp do just fine with 2.5" tubing. The only advantage of 3" over 2.5" is if there is a bunch of tight radius bends.

My other car is 1999 A4 with a gt3071r and I run 2.25" hotside of Intercooler and 2.5" coldside. Never an issue.
My communication skills are getting worse. I meant 3" exhaust, or at least 3" downpipe, and an upgraded intercooler are next on the list.
However, since you planted the idea, I guess upgrading the tubing should be in order as well. Where's the best place to order bigger intercooler piping?
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