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Default 940/960 Gauge Clusters :DECODED:

After a gauge ring install gone bad on my 95 940 cluster, I decided to tear into the damn thing once again and find out what it's going to take to make it the way I wanted it.

After removing a number of clusters from my own 940/960 cars and some junk cars as well, I started to notice a pattern....some of you may know this already, but what I found out was the 91/92 940 clusters were completely different (the 91 I have is stamped 338), and the 93/94 (not sure on stamping as I don't have any on hand) used the same lens as my 95, but the 95 had it's own completely different plug configuration. I remember a couple years ago, someone had bought an early 940 with some 960 interior bits in it, and it had the newer grey faced gauge heads in it. I thought that was a cool update.

The 91-94 cluster is definitely not compatible with the 95 due to a completely different harness behind it, however the 95 shares the same plugs as the 95-98 960/SV90 cluster. In fact, I plugged my 95 and 96 960 clusters into my 95 940 and went for a ride....everything worked good! Even with a smartphone calibration app to check correct speed.
Visually there's only two small differences between the two, the rpm redline, and the unleaded fuel text, which isn't a big deal.

The 91-94 gauge head mounting points are completely different from the 95 940 and the 95-98 960s, but remembering that older 940 I read about on here had the grey heads, it leads me to believe the faces can be swapped independently. So I took a speedo head apart from a 91 cluster I have laying around and although this doesn't look like a simple task, I think it can be done, and according to that old thread, it was.

Both the 95 and 96 960 clusters are stamped with a 259 on them, and as you can see, the plugs are exactly the same as my 95 940 cluster, stamped with 260.

For comparison, the 91 940 cluster (stamped 338 and hard to see in this pic) above the 95 940 cluster (stamped 260)

What I learned from all this was two things, only the 95 940, and 960/2 clusters are interchangeable, but if anyone wants the newer grey faces from a 960, I think just the faces may be swappable as well and I'd love to know if anyone's done it.

There are only two places in the world I know of that you can get these rings, but If anyone wants this imported set of 940/960 gauge rings, let me know...They've been in a couple cars in Sweden without any issues, but I couldn't seem get them to sit right in my 95 940 cluster. $25 shipped if anyone else wants to give them a try.

Since I have a 95, and have both clusters, I'm going to go with the grey 960 heads, and have a speedo shop roll back the odo on the 960 head to what my 940 odo reads, and hopefully install the new set of rings I'm trying to get from Sweden at the moment.

Anyone have any experience doing this swap?
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